Interview with Hope

13 Apr

One evening this interview transpired. As always… growing up way too fast!


What’s so funny?

23 Mar

Hope went through a phase a few weeks ago of fake laughing all the time. I have to admit it makes me for real laugh. I love laughing with my girls!

Just because

7 Feb

Because I have been absent from blogging for months now. Because out of town family hasn’t seen our girls in a while. Because I realized I am totally guilty of the age-old notion of how the poor third child hardly has any pictures or video of his or her life. Because our girls are growing up way too fast. Because our girls are just so stinkin’ cute and I am totally and utterly crazy about them all!

Budding artists

18 Dec

We got a new dining set off Craigslist today. (I’ll post some pics someday.) Super excited. My parents had been kind enough to lend us their old dining set to use for as long as we needed it but it only sat 6 people and with us now having 5 in our own little family, if we had more than one person over for a meal, we were obviously quite crowded. So, I have been checking out Craigslist on a semi-regular basis looking for a dining table that would seat at least 8. I found a set of furniture that included a table, 8 chairs, china cabinet and sideboard and I loved it! We got a good deal on it considering all the furniture we got and the fact that it is all solid wood, in perfect shape and made by a very reputable manufacturer. Anyway, enough about the furniture… our girls had a great time playing in our empty dining room today and my favorite was their painting at the easel. Make sure you notice the “artist berets” that Annie had to be sure they both sported.

Christmas Tree 2010

4 Dec

The rain stopped just in time for us to make our annual trip to Buttermilk Farms and cut down our Christmas tree. Actually, last year we didn’t get to cut our tree down because the weekend we were planning to go, Hope got sick so Jon and Annie took a drive to Lowe’s and picked out a beautiful tree there. Buttermilk Farms is run by a dear man in our church family and we are so thankful for his farm and his trees and the girls would add, his hot chocolate! It actually didn’t take us long to find the tree for 2010. We got it home and got to work putting on the LED lights (of which, Jon is not a fan), ribbon and ornaments. I think we only had two ornament casualties this year, which I thought was pretty good considering all the little hands that were a part of the decorating. Oh, and after Hope woke from her nap, she had a temp of almost 101. What is up with her getting sick on our Christmas tree days??? Boooo!!!

One Halloween Weekend

31 Oct

One round of baths in the last three nights.

One too-small infant pumpkin hat.

One two-year-old who would not wear the “planned” strawberry outfit.

One last minute, homemade kitty cat outfit (minus a tail) for said two-year-old.

One beautiful senorita.

One pot of chili on a 70 degree day because tradition holds that our family eats chili on trick-or-treat night.

One disturbing looking red-neck-dressed dad.

One 45-minute round around the block that normally takes less than 10 minutes.

One tiring and but very, very fun weekend!

Weekend getaway

16 Oct

Annie had fall break this past Thursday and Friday so we packed up and headed up to the mountains for two nights. A sweet family at church offered us their cabin for two nights as a gift to us. They have the cabin booked for every night in October except for the two nights they allowed us to stay there. Thank you God for such a sweet blessing! Our first stop was at a roadside market for fresh picked apples and a taste of homemade kettle corn! We continued on to the cabin and the girls were giddy with excitement of the adventure of staying somewhere different and unique! They were so excited that the had a hard time going to sleep and woke way before the sun came up the next morning! We spent the first day doing the Cades Cove loop and it was so fun to let the girls ride in the car unbuckled from their car seats with the windows down looking for deer, turkey and bears (never saw any bears but we did get to see lots of deer and turkeys). It was beautiful!!! We made some fun memories and had lots of laughs together. (Click on a picture to enlarge)